Microsoft Mobile Stragegy is Software for Every Platform

Microsoft [MSFT] over the years has branched out down a number of avenues such as creating the Xbox, smartphones and various other bits of hardware.

One thing that it does well is software. As Microsoft hasn’t had success in some areas, think of the Kin, the company is shifting its main focus back to software.

In an interview with the WSJ the following was said…

“We are in the software business and that is where our business will be focused,” he said. That means no follow-ups to the Kin social media smartphone, definitely; no resuscitation of the Courier e-reader/tablet project, probably; and a new focus on making apps for other platforms, quite possibly.

Microsoft is working on software applications for various platforms which includes the iPad. The company has always been a multi-platform company, so making software for devices already out there makes a lot of sense.

It will certainly be interesting to see what Microsoft is developing. I’m sure we’ll be hearing something over the coming months.

Via: Coated, Wired Image Credit

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