Microsoft could launch “Pink” Smartphone Series on April 12

Both Apple [AAPL] and Microsoft [MSFT] announced press events yesterday. The Apple event is to showcase their new iPhone OS 4 that looks to be launching later this year. The Microsoft event is a little more hush in that we are not sure as of yet what they will be launching.

The invites from Microsoft had a message on them saying “It’s time to share” which was included along side an invitation to a mystery event.

Rumours have indicated that the Microsoft Courier might be introduced at this event although it is believed that MS will be unveiling the new MS smartphone platform called “Pink” – well, that’s the code name at least.

As well as unveiling Pink it is believed MS will also introduce a couple of new smartphones called “Pure” and “Turtle” which are believed to have been designed by the same company who designed the Sidekick handsets.

From what we have heard in leaks (specifically over at Gizmodo) is that the OS will be similar to Windows Phone 7 and the Zune OS, but still based around the Windows CE operating system (hopefully not based around the CE part too much).

Social networking is expected to be the main feature of the phones which will be aimed at the younger end of the age range.

We’ll have the full details of what is announced on April 12. We do hope it is courier, but from what we have heard this is not a courier event, so we are now expecting the smartphones listed above to be launched.

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