Microsoft Kinect Revealed – Project Natal Official Name

Microsoft [MSFT] has made the Microsoft Kinect official. Kinect is the new and official name for Project Natal.

The Microsoft Kinect allows you to interact with games as well as make four-way video calls. At the E3 event there were no prices revealed unfortunately and no launch dates either. Some rumours indicate that the Microsoft Kinect could cost as high as $150 when launched though and some are expecting that we might have to wait till late this year to get our hands on the Kinect.

From what Engadget have noted it appears that many games are one person at a time with just a couple of games allowing for two people to play. Games can be played with two players online in some cases though.

Those games that do allow two players will be activated (or can be activated) by a player just jumping in front of the Kinect. When doing so, the screen splits.

We expect to see more video demos online soon and hopefully that information will be followed by pricing and release dates.

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