Microsoft Kin Two Teardown

iFixit has decided, along with Chipworks, that it was time to teardown a Microsoft Kin Two that recently launched, to see what exactly is inside and what makes it run. We often see the technical specs which includes details of how much RAM, ROM a device has along with what type of processor powers the device and how fast it runs, but generally it stops there. What these teardowns do is let us know all the parts in detail such as what kind of RAM is used, what camera is used and who builds the camera etc…

What we do find out about the Microsoft Kin Two is that is uses a Sony IMX046 camera to capture images and that the camera has an 8.11 megapixel effective resolution.

Other details are found such as it running an NVIDIA Tegra chip that’s buried beneath an Intel package.

A couple of shots can be found below with full images and the whole teardown at iFixit, courtesy of Chipworks who did the teardown.

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