Microsoft Kin delays Notifications up to 15 Minutes

Microsoft [MSFT] unveiled the Microsoft Kin social networking phones. The main features of the Kin phones are their social networking abilities. The whole user interface revolves around sharing with friends and keeping up to date with what’s happening.

We have learned today that Microsoft have enabled a 15 minute delay on status updates, as in they only ping the servers of Facebook, Twitter and other networks in fifteen minute intervals. Reasons cited for this include Microsoft not wanting the phones to always be connect, thus draining battery life and also API issues with the young social networks and their lack of ability to deal with a huge influx of requests.

Engadget mention it could be also related to throttling back bandwidth on Verizons [VZ] network allowing for cheaper data plans.

However, you can hit the manual refresh button if you need to. Perhaps in the future they will utilise a push notification service whereby updates hit the phone as they are made, but for now it’s automated at 15 minute intervals.

We’ll provide further updates as we hear more on this.

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