Microsoft Invention Allows Batteries to be Inserted Any Direction

If you have used a digital camera or any gadget that requires batteries, occasionally you insert the batteries the wrong way preventing the device from working till you switch them around.

Microsoft [MSFT] has invented a new technology called InstaLoad that allows a device to be powered regardless of which way you put the batteries in. The smart design uses contacts in the gadget that allow for either + or – to make contact with them. Depending which side of the battery hits the contact, the correct metal contact will be made inside the gadget and vice versa on the opposite end of the battery.

It’s a smart idea and one well worth toy and gadget creators looking in to. We know it’s not that difficult to switch the batteries around and it only adds maybe 30 seconds on to the time it takes to insert batteries, but it is convenient knowing you can just put the batteries in and go and not have to worry about what way around they are.

The system is compatible with many of the common battery types which includes AA, AAA, C and D and the system works with both regular and rechargeable batteries.

It isn’t clear when the technology will be made available or licensed out to companies, but we suspect it wont be too far away now.

Via: Mashable

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