Microsoft Internet Explorer 9 Preview 3 Gets HTML5

Microsoft [MSFT] is building their next browser called Internet Explorer 9. The browser is available to download now as a preview (number 3) and now has the ability to use HTML5.

Microsoft allows the browser to be downloaded primarily for developers to get familiar with it, but it’s an open download allowing anyone to download and test if they so wish.

Included in Internet Explorer 9 is support for hardware accelerated HTML5 audio, video and canvas tags as well as the Chakra JavaScript engine. CSS3, SVG 1.1 and DOM is also included.

Microsoft isn’t the first choice of browser for many people these days due to a number of security issues in the past as well as it being slow in some cases. Lets see if IE 9 can add some more competition to the browser market.

Via: Coated

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