Microsoft filed a patent for Windows Phone 7 Series Panoramic UI

Microsoft [MSFT] announced Windows Phone 7 Series a few months back now which included a new panoramic user interface that could be used to scroll sideways around menus. It’s quite an impressive user interface that actually surprised a number of people as it actually looked good. Microsoft for the last 10 or more years have generally stuck to the same UI for mobile phones and for some reason, they came to a realisation with Windows Phone 7 Series and created something far better.

I think we can also safely say that Microsoft also think their interface is good too as they applied for a patent to protect the methodology and application of it back in summer of 2008. The patent will allow only Microsoft to use the interface and no others without permission… they have patented the whole thing by the way.

From what we understand, Microsoft are also patenting other things related to the Windows Phone 7 Series user interface and as of yet, we are not sure what else has been applied for and of course, we don’t know if the applications will get granted (ie, if they are unique etc…).

Via: Unwired

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