Microsoft Courier Details Arrive

Quite a while back we wrote about a new tablet type device called the Microsoft Courier. The Courier is a dual screen device that opens like a book and works mainly with pen input to organise and keep track of your life. After the initial renderings and video it all went quiet. Engadget managed to get some more details today that give is a little more insight as to what it is and when it will become available.

From what we hear, Microsoft [MSFT] will be creating the device to function as a digital journal primarily. The device is going to be portable measuring about the size of a 5×7 photo frame and measuring under 1 inch thick when closed while weighing just over 1 pound.

Some leaked technical specs show it will run a Tegra 2 and use the OS from the Zune HD, Pink and Windows Phone 7 Series. Engadget believe it will be Windows CE 6.

The interface is mainly pen based although fingers can be used. As it’s mainly a journal type device it’s designed for scribbling notes on to pages that can have images attached to them. It also works in the cloud in that documents created on the Courier can easily be shared with other users by simply dragging their names from your address book. We assume the Courier will create a readily available file format that software on a PC, or perhaps a web based client can use for those without a Courier.

A camera will be built in to the back of the device and a headphone jack is also included to playback media such as MP3 or video.

The launch date is expected to be quarter 3 to quarter 4 this year and there are no pricing details as of yet. One thing to remember is that this hasn’t come officially from Microsoft yet so until the official announcement arrives we might be looking at just a concept rather than a real device that could exist.

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