Microsoft Courier Coming 2011

The Microsoft Courier was first introduced/leaked sometime last year where we saw a dual screen device running a relatively unknown operating system and user interface. However, it looked fantastic and yet we’ve not really had any official word about it’s existence other than a brief slip up on a Microsoft blog.

The NYT has received information from a Microsoft [MSFT] employee indicating that the device is most certainly real and that the same person has seen a working version of it (not just drawings and animations like we have seen).

The Microsoft Courier has been described as being the same size as a paperback book when closed making it ideal to carry around. The main problems at the moment from what we have heard elsewhere is getting a good enough battery life with the dual screen setup.

The NYT report also mentioned that Microsoft want to launch the Courier next year in 2011 although no specific quarter to narrow it down was mentioned.

Lets hope that an official announcement comes soon, or at least something at a show such as CES.

Via: NeverKnowTech

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