Microsoft Brings SkyDrive to the iPhone

Microsoft [MSFT] has launched SkyDrive for the iPhone. Prior to the release of the app, the way to access it was through the HTML5 site at in the browser. Now that it’s an app, it makes the experience a little better.

The new app is available in 32 languages and allows users to manage files, move them about as well as create folders.

SkyDrive offers users 25GB of free storage (individual files limited to 100Mb each). This means that all files stored on SkyDrive can be easily accessed from your Smartphone. OneNote also ties in with SkyDrive allowing notes to be kept in the cloud so you can more easily share them between the desktop.

We’re thrilled to be releasing our new Windows Phone and iPhone apps today. Just as has evolved over the years to be the fastest and best way to access & share your data in the cloud, the way you use SkyDrive across your devices will evolve as well. We want you to have the best of a File cloud, the best of a Device cloud, and the App cloud. We also look forward to making SkyDrive available in more places, both directly and through the Live Connect platform for apps, sites and device OEMs. So stay tuned—we have a lot of great stuff coming!


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