Microsoft Algorithm Reduces Camera Shake Blur

When capturing photos of anything, you often come across the problem of blurry pictures thanks to the camera slightly shaking when you take the picture.

The problem is more evident in low light situations where the shutter needs to stay open longer to capture enough light. Microsoft [MSFT] is working on a new system that uses motion sensors in all directions as well as a gyroscope that when combined, can feed back information to the camera and adjust the settings to compensate for the blur.

The system isn’t perfect just yet and a couple of faults can be found within the images, but from a quick look at the image quality when using the system vs when not using the system, there is a huge difference.

Where we think that this technology could be handy is in all kinds of cameras from digital SLR’s to point & shoot and to smartphones. Take the iPhone 4 as an example. It has accelerometers and a gyro built in. By using the algorithm in an iPhone 4 camera app, it could allow for images to be a lot clearer when your hand shakes when capturing the shot.

Check out the full details of the project over at Microsoft, along with the comparisons of pictures when using the new system.

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