Microsoft to add Features over time to Windows Phone 7

In an interview with Charlie Kindel about Windows Phone 7 he has mentioned that Microsoft [MSFT] will be adding features over time to the operating system. In the past he said that Microsoft have tried cramming all the features in to Windows Mobile. This in my opinion, has caused the OS in the past to not be where it should be. Microsoft are not focusing on doing it well.

The reason for adding features over time is to not rush them in to production models. Rather than adding a function like copy and paste, it will be added at a later date when they get it right. This follows how Apple [AAPL] work in some ways in that they don’t introduce something till it is done the best way possible.

No time line has been specifically mentioned other than features will be added later.

Other information in the interview discussed the 3 screen and cloud strategy where Microsoft aim to get all the information synced across three devices allowing you to pick up your laptop, smartphone or computer and have everything what you need with you.

It’s an interesting interview to read. The full version can be found over at tweakers.

Via: WMPowerUser

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