Micro Mosquito Helicopter – Picoz Beater

Micro Mosquito
The Micro Mosquito is another cool tony helicopter that you can fly from the comfort of your living room. It is similar to the Picoz, but is it better? The Picoz is very nicely priced at just short of 30 pounds. The Micro Mosquito is priced at just short of 70. The mosquito looks great. It defines what tiny is (well, at least for the next 2 months) and it is also very functional. In the box you get a launch pad, controller and the micro mosquito. 45 minutes of charging will get you about 10 minutes flying time which is not the best considering you have to wait patiently for 45 minutes for 10 minutes of paying. Appart from that it seems it cannot be faulted and would make an ideal present for those who want a cheaper alternative to the fully priced petrol powered rc helicopters.

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