Methane Powered Laptops Could Launch Soon

Materials scientists are working on a new type of fuel cell that uses methane to generate power. If the research and testing work is successful, it could mean that we get methane powered laptops for example.

The methane powered fuel cells have been built and current testing reveals that they could actually make it to production and become widely available.

Fuel cells operate by converting chemical energy (from hydrogen or a hydrocarbon fuel such as methane) into an electric current. Oxygen ions travel from the cathode through the electrolyte toward the anode, where they oxidize the fuel to produce a current of electrons back toward the cathode.

It isn’t clear if and when these types of fuel cell will launch, but from what we understand the people behind the project are also testing a number of other options for catalysts and once the optimal catalyst has been found, we could see some alternative way to power electronics.

Via: TG Daily

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