Memorex Sound System iPod Dock Review

Memorex-MI9490P-iPod-Dock-ReviewA few weeks ago we announced the launch of a new Memorex iPod dock. We recently received the sound system to review and check out how it performs. The iPod Dock is numbered the Mi9490PBLK and in the box you get the sound system it’s self, a power lead/transformer, remote control and an aerial for use with the radio tuner (along with manuals etc…). Also you get the standard iPod dock connector on the top of the device along with a spare docking plate just in case you are using one of the older iPods. The dock is also compatible with iPhone and iPod Touch too.

The dock it’s self looks good. Across the whole front of the unit is a mesh that covers the speakers. Cut inside the mesh is a CD slot along with an LCD display presenting information to you about what music you are playing or what radio station you are listening to.

Memorex-MI9490P-iPod-Dock-topOn the top of the unit you have towards the back an iPod dock and below that the power button along with buttons to switch between using the iPod, CD player or FM radio. Finally below that up and down volume controls can be found. To the left on the top of the device CD controls can be found such as shuffle, repeat etc… along with 5 more buttons to set the clock and also select AUX in should you want to connect up another external device. On the right (on the top) of the unit 5 preset buttons can be found along with more CD controls that include stop/play, skip etc… Controls are simple to use and very self explanatory.

The front of the sound system contains a slot loading CD player along with the LCD screen and eject button.

Overall the Memorex Sound System looks great in my opinion. The unit is also a little smaller than I expected which is nice as it sits well on a book shelf or on a set of drawers or desk in your bedroom.

Sound is provided by 30W RMS and I thought it sounded great. It could go loud enough to enjoy good music and still retain clarity as well as a deepness of sound.

The controls for the dock work very well and another nice detail is the remote control that is included that lets you use all the functions that you find on the unit. The screen isn’t too large or too small making it readable across an average sized bedroom.

In the US you can pick the dock up for around $129.99 while in the UK it costs a little more at £149.95.

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