Meebo iPhone Instant Messaging App – Free

Meebo have launched a new iPhone application that allows those who use IM to communicate with a number of IM services all in one place. The new application runs in competition against two other applications for the iPhone called Beejive and IM+ that cost $6.99 and $4.99 respectively. However, the Meebo application has two benefits with the first being that it’s free, and the second in that it also runs quicker than the paid competition apps.

The application has broad compatibility, keeps chat logs and utilises push notifications. One thing to note here is that the speed claims are based on early reviews, so it’s unclear what the application will run like on a range of iPhones in different signal strength areas etc…

We did, though, encounter a bug by which Meebo failed to load messages when we tapped “View” in the push notification box. We were also slightly annoyed by its inability to intelligently turn off notifications when we were logged into our accounts elsewhere. Still, on the whole, we found the experience of using Meebo to be pleasant. Swiping to switch between conversations made it easy to track several IMs, and the landscape mode was greatly appreciated.

If you need to communicate with all the regular IM applications then it’s worth testing the application to see how it performs vs the other options. Via: Switched


  1. Personally Im big fan of digsby over meebo.. Coz I started that one earlier.. But seems like I need to kick digsby as meebo going to stay in my iphone 🙂

  2. Meebo is definitely a widely loved application. Bringing it onto the iPhone was a brilliant idea where there’s already a huge audience. The demand was probably the loudest from the iPhone group.

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