M-Edge Waterproof Amazon Kindle Case

M-Edge have created a new case for the Amazon Kindle called the Guardian. The Guardian is capable of protecting the Kindle from scratches as well as water. With this case around the Kindle you can take the device in to depths of up to 1 meter.

The case it’s self is designed to float too should you drop it in water. Another function allows the Kindle to float upright allowing you to read in water without holding on to the device.

Most of the surfaces of the Guardian are a rigid plastic that have gaskets fitted around the edges to prevent water getting in. Around the buttons and keyboard the material waterproofing the device is flexible allowing you to still control the Kindle while it’s in the case.

The Guardian case is due to ship in the Spring of this year and will be available in several colours. No pricing is known yet.

Via: Slash Gear


  1. Or you could just use a ziplock bag.

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