McDonalds MP3 Spyware Give Away

McDonalds, the food giant, had a promotion to give away free MP3 players which unfortunatly turned out that they were riddled with spyware. Oops. This all began in Japan when a text to win competition was running. You would text in a code written on your drink and if you were one of the “unlucky” 10000 winners then you received a nice bit of spyware. The MP3 players were Mac branded DAP with 10 tunes loaded. Unfortunatly these were infected with QQpass.

McDonalds Promotion

McDonalds have apologised and have set up a support line for those who need information on how to get rid of the spyware. It makes you wonder where this came from. Surely it wasnt MC’D’s who did this! Well, in my opinion I doubt they knew about this at all till it came to light.

Via: DailyTech

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