Mahogany iPod Stand

mahogany-ipod-standIf you want a little stand for your iPhone or iPod Touch that looks quite cool then check out this hand made Mahogany stand.

The Mahogany iPhone stand is made from recycled mahogany or you can go for a Cherry from the Northeast Kingdom in Vermont. With the stand being made of quality woods it makes it durable, practical and fantastic looking. In the bottom of the stand you will find a hole which allows you to connect up headphones when the iPhone is in the vertical position. A chiseled hole can also be found which allows for a USB cable to be connected.

Due to the denseness of the wood, just two coats of danish oil and three coats of hand rubbed paste wax was used for the finish.

The Mahogany iPhone Stand costs $39.99 and is available from Etsy.

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