Mag-Lev Wind Energy Concept

mag-lev-wind-energy-conceptA new concept has been devised which sees wind energy being approached from a different angle. The concept shows that Mag-lev will be used in a wind turbine to cut down on drag and allow more energy to be created.


The concepts time has come with the advent of the the latest in Magnetic-Levitation and synchronous linear motor technology that can be used to overcome drag and remove energy efficiently.

The idea doesn’t seem to be too new though as Engadget reported on a similar system a couple of years back in 2007.

On the email I received it states “MagLev Wind Energy is based on suspending a large central ring, connected by air-foil blades, capturing the winds energy to spin the flywheel of a highly efficient synchronous linear motor / generator”

If it works as described then that would be fantastic as the notes on the Engadget link above mentioned that these types of system are a lot more efficient and that is exactly what is needed with this type of stuff.

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