Magic Trackpad gets ColorWare Treatment

ColorWare is a company we have mentioned before. They are responsible for changing the look of gadgets in to a list of many colour possibilities. Devices such as the iPhone 4, Xbox and many others are all possible to be recoloured.

The next on the list is the Magic Trackpad from Apple [AAPL]. ColorWare is giving customers the usual option of completely changing the look of it. The above blue is just one example although there are many other colours to choose from.

Price wise, it isn’t cheap as can be expected. If you order a Magic Trackpad from ColorWare and have it coloured by them, it’ll cost you $145. If you already own a Trackpad and want to send it in for colouring, it’s $75.

Check out the site now and have a play around with the colours to see what you can come up with. Some of the schemes are just a little frightening.

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