New MacBook Pros Could Arrive March 2011

Details of new MacBook Pros have leaked on to the web recently. The information reveals that we could see a new range of MacBook Pro’s that go on sale on March 11.

The details come from leaked shots of the inventory of a Best Buy store where a supplier is listed as Apple Compu(ter) with a dummy SKU and an In Stock Date of 03-11-2011.

Prices are revealed in the screen grabs although this particular shot is just for one particular model. The device is listed as costing $1199.99 and is speculated to be the 13 inch MacBook Pro.

One thing that 9to5Mac have pointed out is that March 11 might not be the exact date as the stores details tend to be a few days out quite often. With that in mind, it’s safe to say that on or around March 11, we should see the new range announced.

Perhaps this also indicates that Apple will announce the new MacBook Pros on or around that date, along with the details of the iPad 2. When Apple announce new MacBooks they often go on sale right after the announcement. We suspect both announcements as well as some details of the next version of iOS could be mentioned that day.

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