MacBook Air Screen Flicker Problem Acknowledged by Apple

The new MacBook Air models only launched within the last month. A couple of bugs have already been spotted. The first one is screen flicker that happens when waking the computer from sleep or hot plugging a display. The second problem is where the screen fades from dark to light colour and vice versa while waking from sleep.

Apple [AAPL] has acknowledged problems with the MacBook Air drivers and has said in both cases that the problem will be fixed in a future update.

As for what you can do now about it, the advice given suggests that you close the laptop lid for 10 seconds and reopen it to reinitialise the display.

Apple doesn’t give a time for when the software updates will be available to fix the problem, but said it will be addressed in an upcoming software update.

Good news of course is that its not a hardware issue but a software issue instead that fixes the problem.

Via: BGR

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