Macally VIEWSTAND for Apple iPad

The Macally VIEWSTAND is an aluminium built stand for the Apple iPad [AAPL] that can hold the iPad in three different ways.

The viewstand can lay flat to prop up the back of the iPad allowing you to easily type while at a desk. Flip it on to it’s end you can then position the iPad in either portrait or landscape mode perhaps for viewing photos or video or even using a wireless keyboard to type on.

The stand it’s self looks very impressive and has a slick design that looks kind of Apple like.

The VIEWSTAND is available from a company called J&R and costs $49. However, the stand is on pre-order at the moment with no specified shipping date just yet. Full details of that along with the ability to set a reminder when it launches cvan be found over here.

A larger image of what’s above can be found just below…

Via: ChipChick

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