Macallan UI Update for Windows 7 Tablets

The Macallan UI is designed by a company called UI Centric who have created a unique user interface for Windows 7 tablet devices.

The problem with current tables using Windows 7 is that often a standard tablet is created and runs a regular UI that Windows 7 provides. The Macallan user interface brings a number of easy to use features such as multitasking, page turning all on a slick looking interface.

UI Centric comment that one of the major manufacturers will be shipping a product running this UI in the 3rd quarter of this year although no names have been provided.

Full details of the new UI are not known just yet although we quite like the look of it. It’s far more simpler than a full Windows 7 to use and looks to be far more ideal for tablet based devices.

The video below shows a demonstration of the user interface running on a tablet.

Via: Neowin

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