Luxury Submarine

Luxury Submarine

Move around secretly in your luxury sub

If you have had success financially in life and are not convinced that a luxury Yacht is for you, then you might want to go buy yourself a luxury custom built submarine. The company who produces them is called U.S. Submarines of Portland Ore. According to one source there are now about 100 private subs sneaking through the oceans of the world.

Cost of having your own submarine is anywhere from $12 million up to $80 million depending on size and the features kitted out inside. For a decent sized 10 passenger sub you can expect to pay around $15 million.

Would you buy your own sub if you had that kind of money to freely spend? I think Id be too scared going under the sea and would probably give it a miss although I am slowly changing my mind. I would need a few modifications such as a periscope, gym, wireless internet and a comfy place to sleep.

Via: Crave

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