LuminAR Robotic Pico Projector Display

LuminAR is a robot that has a small pico-projector attached. The device is capable of moving automatically around your desk space and can project images on to your desk, wall or augment information on to magazines or books if desired (or programmed to do so).

The project comes out of MIT and is described in that it… “reinvents the traditional incandescent bulb and desk lamp, evolving them into a new category of robotic, digital information devices”.

The pico-projector part of the robot functions just like a regular lamp in that you can put it in a regular lamp holder. The only difference with doing that is that you don’t get automated robotic movement which might suit some people.

The system uses a gestural user interface and is capable of blending computer content with your workspace. To make sure the unit is always in focus the students have used a laser projector that can always stay at the right focus regardless of how far the surface is away. The projector it’s self retails for $549.

Check out the video below to see the unit in action and what it can achieve. It’s obviously in early stages but does demonstrate what can be done and what potential it has.

Via: Pico Projector Info

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