Looking Back: The Xentex FlipPad

Xentex FlipPad
Back in 2002 the Xentex Flip-Pad Voyager was first seen. It was classed as groundbreaking due to the screen layout. Weighing 12.6 pounds we can see it is literally ground breaking. It was a device that had 2 x 13.3 inch displays which when together worked as one screen. The right hand screen can swivel 180 degrees allowing for client presentations. An option to attach 2 further monitors to the sides makes it in to a quad screen notebook (desktop replacement). To make this desktop replacement more portable the screens fold down as you would expect, but then the whole device folds in half to make it half the width, but double the height. When unfolded the device is 19.5 inches wide by 14 inches tall.

It was powered by a 1.1 – 1.4 GHz AMD Athlon processor and cost around $5000 when launched in 2003.

Has anyone ever seen one of these for real? or did they just die down?

Via: PCMag

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