List of BlackBerry Phones to Get OS 5.0 Update

os50updateBlackBerry are launching their latest OS version 5.0. An official list has been given to CrackBerry showing exactly what BlackBerry phones are able to get this latest update.

There obviously is a cut of point for older devices due to not having the ability to run the new operating system. Thankfully the list will make you wonder no more…

BlackBerry Phones that can use the OS 5.0 Update

* BlackBerry Pearl Flip 8200 series smartphones
* BlackBerry Curve 8330 smartphones
* BlackBerry Curve 8350i smartphones
* BlackBerry Curve 8900 smartphones
* BlackBerry Bold 9000 smartphones
* BlackBerry Storm 9500 series smartphones
* BlackBerry Tour 9630 smartphones

The main feature on phones that prevents or enables the new OS 5.0 to be used is memory. To run OS 5.0 your phone needs to have at least 64MB of memory.

One phone missed off the list is the BlackBerry Curve 8520 which does have sufficient memory to run the operating system. It will be interesting to see if other phones have accidentally been left off the list.

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