Linksys WRT54GL Lego Router

What do you do if you have 5 Linksys WRT54GL routers in your home all boxed up… you strip one of them down and rebuild it with Lego. This is what a guy called Luke did. He had 5 spare that he purchased from Amazon as they were on offer.

The goal of converting the Linksys to Lego was to retain the stacking ability that the regular version has as well as retaining full functionality which included working LED’s, buttons, ports and antennas as well as keeping airflow through the Lego casing to keep things running cool.

The design to build the Lego router was created in a program called MLCAD. The creator wanted to keep a sleek black look using smooth Lego bricks. By choosing a row of clear bricks for the LED’s, two vents on the side and a reset button on the front the design was finished.

Once designed BrickLink was used that you can feed designs in to and it gives out all the Lego parts you need taking the cost of bricks up to $60 with a few extras. Check out the results above and below.

The good news is that Luke has uploaded the full design allowing you to build your own.

The router can be found here to buy on Amazon and the instructions here. More details can be found on Luke’s site that go over the build in more detail.

Via: CrunchGear

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