LimePC – Reinventing Computing?

The LimePC will be launched during 2008 and claims to be the next era of personal computing. It will work by allowing users to keep the small iPod-size device with them which permits them to connect to whoever they want and the way they want. From what the brief LimePC website page mentions, it appears to be built around a community which could well be a FaceBook type web 2.0 app in your pocket. Not only will it allow for a community type operation, it will also allow for you to choose what you want on your device and what needs to be carried around with you.

On the security side of things the device uses LimeConnect which is a secure data delivery platform. Apart from this information there isn’t much available yet. As soon as we receive more details from the LimePC people we will let you know exactly what it will do.

Via: RedFerret

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