LG X300 Ultraslim Laptop Launching this Month

LG are launching their LG X300 in various countries across various sides of the world. The ultra-slim laptop will start shipping in Asia, the Middle East and South America this month. No dates for a launch in the US or Europe are known of just yet.

The LG X300 has an 11.6 inch screen and measures just 17.5mm thin. Included in the X300 memory wise is 2GB of RAM while for storage there’s an SSD card with a 128GB capacity. Connectivity wise the X300 has integrated 3G allowing it to connect everywhere and although not mentioned at Engadget, we assume it also has Wireless 802.11b/g and possibly n.

The X300 runs a 2GHz Menlow CPU making it quite a powerful little device. No pricing is available yet although it was reported that prices will vary depending on the area you purchase it.

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