LG Unveil 13.3 Inch Capacitive Multi-Touch Laptop Screen

LG have created a new display that has obtained the Windows 7 Touch Logo certification. The screen measures 13.3 inches and is a capacitive multitouch screen that is designed for netbooks and laptops.

LG have taken a slightly different approach in creating this touchscreen. Normally a layer is applied over a standard display. In this case, LG have built touch sensor within the display it’s self. Benefits of using this type of system are that the screen size can stay the same thickness regardless of it being touch or not (which ads slight bulk to a screen). Also picture quality is not filtered at all allowing for crisp images to be seen.

LG also say that the panel can be used outdoors as reflections are prevented. Reflections can be caused by the touch film that is normally used in touchscreen technology.

We can expect to see laptops arriving with these sorts of screens either late this year or early 2011.

Via: MobileTechReview

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