LG Super 3G Widescreen Slider Phone (LG-SGH100)

LG have launched the Super 3G widescreen slider phone named the LG-SGH100. They are also releasing the LG-KH1000 which both look like nice new additions to the market. My first impressions are that this will sell because of the wide screen offering. The slider both slides down or across so that the phone can be used in widescreen mode. The phone comes with 2Gb Flash and 1Gb SDRAM or 512Mb of flash with 256Mb SDRAM. Thats a lot of storage packed in there! It has a 1.3 Mega pixel camers, a 2.2″ screen. The phone weighs just 125g.


Via: RegHardware


  1. Courtney Hayagrth says

    This is one SICK phone I want it so much that tomorrow I’m going to Rogers and Bell stores to get one !!

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