LG Optimus 3D Video Leaked

The LG Optimus 3D is one of the first phones to have a 3D screen along with a dual-camera setup on the back to capture pictures. Others have been made but generally, those didn’t hit mainstream over this way.

A teaser video was sent to Pocket Lint that shows a few details about the device. The video is quite dark and it’s difficult to see the finer details of the new 3D smartphone, but it does let us know a few things about it.

What we see on the back of the device is the two cameras that are used to capture pictures. Also, a 3D rendering of blocks that lift out of the screen give viewers a sense of the 3D that will be coming to the new 3D smartphone.

As for an announcement, we expect that LG will be making this device official at MWC this coming Monday 14th February.

Are you convinced yet with 3D on the smaller screen? If the smartphone it lands on is good and uses a good OS, it might make for a handy feature to have. With a name like LG behind it, it could work well. We’ll need to see all the specs this coming Monday to know for sure, but it certainly has us more interested than the last 3D smartphones that launched.

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