LG Mobile Chip – 100 Mbps Downloads?

lg_lte_chip_demoLG are attempting to boost transfer speeds on mobile phones by creating a chip that will pave the way for download speeds of 100Mbps on your handset with upload speeds of 50Mbps. If this can technically happen then they are saying that downloading a 700MB film could take just 60 seconds… I’m listening now!

The chip is named the 3GPP LTE chip and measures just 13mm x 13mm. It was recently tested on a Windows Mobile device and although the magic 100Mbps download speed has not been reached, the download speed achieved was still an impressive 60Mb/s. Upload speeds maxed out at 20Mbps. To work successfully the LG chip uses a mixture of WCDMA 3G technology together with 3GPP Long Term Evolurionary (LTE) specs. The chip has been branded 4G by LG although it doesn’t use 4G networks.

The problem faced now is that the chip wont work in current network conditions and upgrades will need to happen… however, the keyword here is upgrades and not complete equipment replacement like 4G would require. It’s unclear yet if providers will upgrade their existing networks to cope with 3GPP LTE chips, but if they do then expect to possibly see these chips in phones in the next couple of years.

Via: TrendyGadget

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