LG to Launch a 15″ OLED TV in December

LG are launching a 15 inch OLED TV. We had heard previously that they were creating an OLED screen sometime this year, but now the details have been confirmed.

With the screen only measuring 15 inches it isn’t that big. However, the only other real competition (if they are still in the OLED game) is Sony’s XEL-1 which was even smaller at 11 inches. The ultra thin screens do look fantastic though and have amazing picture quality. This particular model from LG doesn’t have specs available yet, but another (pictured above) had a resolution of 1366 x 768 pixels with a 30000 hour life and a million:1 contrast ratio. We’d expect similar specs on this 15″ screen.

There is no price yet on the LG OLED TV but don’t expect it to be cheap when it launches. The Sony XEL-1 cost somewhere in the region of $2500 for all 11″ of it.

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