LG GW620 Android Phone

lg-gw620LG have announced and made official it’s first Android based phone named the LG GW620. The GW620 is a landscape QWERTY slider phone that has a 3 inch touchscreen on the front. It was first seen over at IFA in Germany a couple of weeks back and was named the Etna.

LG haven’t revealed the full specs just yet of the GW620 but if it follows on from LG’s latest phones then it will likely have either a 5 or 8 megapixel camera.

The phone it’s self looks great and no doubt it packs in the usual aGPS, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth along with a microSD slot and everything else found on smartphones these days.

The new Android phone will start showing up across Europe in the 4th Quarter of this year although we do not know if it will be exclusive on any networks and what the pricing structure will be just yet. Via: Engadget


  1. Chocolate-lover says

    I am really curious what the price of this new LG will be. But it is a slim looking phone that is provided with a nice keypad that allows for some keypad banging! Is this the first Android slide-out phone? Just waiting for it to arrive in stores.

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