LG GM750 Windows Powered Smartphone

LG-GM750The LG GM750 is a Windows Phone 6.5 based smartphone that will be launched on the 6th October. It will be launched in 7 countries in Europe on the Vodafone network.

Features include, Windows Phone 6.5, a 5 megapixel camera, 3″ “high-quality” touchscreen and GPS.

The LG GM750 was codenamed Layla for a while and drops the S-Class interface and instead, uses Windows Phone which has full Exchange support for email, calendar, contacts and tasks built in. Other features of Windows Phone is the ability for it to connect and store data in the cloud so that if your phone is lost/stolen then you simply just wipe the phone remotely and then refresh your data on to a new device.

The phone will be launched in the UK, Netherlands, Greece, France, Spam and Germany in early October to coincide with the Windows Phone 6.5 launch.

The phone will measure 109.8 x 56.5 x 11.9mm in size. For connectivity it will more than likely be 3G/HSDPA, have Wi-Fi built in as well.

LG GM750 Run Down of Known Features

* Windows phone 6.5 makes for fast and easy email compatible with Outlook for seamlessly syncing data
* Allows you to run multiple functions at once with multitasking
* Download 3rd part apps so you can personalise the home screen with information such as weather reports, traffic information or stock prices
* 5 megapixel camera with high-quality 3touchscreen
* GPS for a multitude of location based services

Via: LGBlog

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