LG E900 Windows Phone 7 Smartphone Spotted

We’ve seen a number of Windows Phone 7 devices over the last few weeks. Generally they run a basic Windows Phone 7 OS although one of the latest was seen slightly branded with an AT&T logo on a screen tile.

The latest to be captured by Mr BlurryCam is the LG E900. The LG E900 is similar to the LG C900 although this version lacks a slide out QWERTY keyboard.

It is expected that the LG E900 will be launched in Europe when the Windows Phone 7 launch day happens.

The video below gives a quick run down of what is included in the smartphone. Nothing really spectacular as it’s just the same as any other Windows Phone 7 handset although some extra live tiles seem to be available in this particular build of the OS.

Via: WMPowerUser

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