LG Crystal GD900 Hands On

LG-Crystal-GD900LG recently created a video demonstration showing off the LG Crystal GD900. The Crystal is one of the next phones to be launched and it’s most striking feature is the transparent slide down keypad – hence the Crystal name.

The transparent keypad not only allows you to enter enter alpha numeric/characters, it also acts as a touchpad too that allows you to scroll through the S-Class menu system.

The LG Crystal uses the S-Class interface that was first used on the LG Arena. It has the familiar 3D cube which you can use to rotate around to various menus. Each side of the cube has different sections of the phone covered such as a contact side, media side, shortcuts and widgets.

The crystal touchpad has a unique feature that stands out. It can be used to scribble notes on to with your finger needed as the phone has handwriting recognition.

I do like the look of the LG Crystal as the keypad does make texting and input far easier than a touchscreen. It seems that this one gets the balance just right.

Via: GadgetLite

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