LG C900 Windows Phone 7 on AT&T [T] Gets FCC Approval

The FCC has approved the LG C900 Windows Phone 7 smartphone for use on the AT&T [T] network.

The C900 is a landscape slider phone that has WCDMA bands II and V making it compatible with the AT&T network.

If you remember back to the weekend, the LG C900 was captured showing an AT&T logo on the Windows Phone 7 home screen which indicated a new update of the OS had landed that allowed for a bit of carrier branding.

There are no other technical specs at the moment other than what we can guess at in the image captured above. It looks to have a screen about 3.7 inches in size. Other technical specs will have to conform to the Windows Phone 7 guidelines such as the CPU, Processor, physical buttons to name a few.

We should see more details soon on this one. The image below shows what details have been uncovered at the FCC site.

Via: Engadget


  1. oh no no not quarty again
    they give Wp7 bad name

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