LG B Android Smartphone Spotted – Super Slim and Bright

Yesterday, we mentioned the details of the LG Optimus 2X. This will be just one of several phones launching by LG in the next year though.

Phandroid managed to get hold of some details of a smartphone code-named the LG B.

As can be seen in the screenshot below, the LG B (sat in the middle), has a very bright display. The phone on the left is the iPhone 4 and the one on the right is a Samsung Galaxy S. Each of those devices are known to have the best screens available at the moment.

As well as having an ultra bright display, we also see from other images that the device is very thin, perhaps shaving 1/4th or 5th off the size of the iPhone 4.

As for the technical specs, unfortunately they are not known at the moment other than a few brief details about the screens. A chart posted on Phandroid shows three devices (B, S, R) and it is believed that the B is the new LG B with the S being the Galaxy S and the R, perhaps an iPhone. The brightness is rated at 700 nit for the new B with the iPhone following at 500 nit and the Galaxy S at 300 nit.

Certainly some interesting stuff and well worth checking out over at Phandroid.

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