LG 55LHZ Wireless LED HDTV Announced

lg-wireless-hdtvA big annoying problem you come across when installing a TV is that it needs a bunch of wires connecting to it to make it work. LG have created the 55LHZ HDTV that has wireless features built in allowing you to drop a few of those cables. In fact, all that is needed for this TV is a power lead to get it going.

The LG 55LHZ is a 55″ screen that is backlit by many LEDs. Each LED can be switched on and off independently so that blacks are actually black. Up to 240 levels of brightness can also be achieved which overall gives 40 times more contrast than a typical HDTV according to LG.

The wireless receiver built in to the TV can receive full uncompressed 1080p signals from up to 30 feet away and has virtually no interference. A refresh of 240Hz named TruMotion is also built in to the screen allowing fast paced action to run smoothly on the screen.

The 55″ screen mentioned here costs $3199 while the smaller 47″ version sells for $2399.

Via: SlipperyBrick full details over at the LG site.

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