LG 2TB NAS – N2B1D Revealed

LG-N2B1D-2TB-NASLG have revealed a 2TB NAS drive named the N2B1D. The NAS has a smaller capacity then the previous N4B1 model. This version stores up to 2 TB of data vs the 4GB of the previous model. The NAS also has a blu-ray drive.

Inside the device you’ll find 2 harddrive slots along side the blu-ray drive. With it being a NAS you can easily hook it up to your home network so that any computer on your network can access contents if you so wish.

Power wise the unit has a power consumption of 44W and the noise levels are below 25dB making it run fairly quiet.

The LG NAS will cost $51,000 according to a Korean Press Release which Hardware Sphere rightly point out that it’s clearly a pricing error.

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