LG 19 Inch Flexible Paper Unveiled

LG have released details of a new 19 inch flexible epaper that measures 0.3mm in thickness and weighs just 130 grams. The e-paper measures a little smaller than an A3 sheet of paper and was created by putting a layer of TFT on to metal foil rather than glass substrate. By using foil instead of glass it allows a certain amount of flexibility.

CTO and executive VP of LG Display, In Jae Chung said:
Our development of the world’s largest flexible display has opened up a new market in the next-generation display sector of e-paper.

There are currently no details regarding the availability of the flexible e-paper although for now it will probably be just proof of concept that it can actually be built. I doubt we will see mass production any time soon though.

Via: Gizmo Watch

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