Leyio 16GB File Sharer

LeyioLeyio is a secure portable hard drive which has a 16GB capacity and allows you to wirelessly share files without Leyio users in a secure way.

The 16GB of on-board flash can be used to store photos, videos, documents and other formats which can be quickly transferred to other users at speeds up to 10Mbps.

The wireless connectivity comes from ultra-wideband radio technology and when 2 devices are near each other the users can select which files and media to transfer. If your friends do not have their own Leyio then a USB port on the side accepts USB flash drives which can be inserted and files copied to them. If you for some reason do not have a memory stick and need one then a 2GB USB shuttle is built in to the casing which can be removed when needed.

The Leyio also includes a small 1.5″ OLED screen that allows you to quickly browse through the contents of the drive and tell it what you want to transfer. It also has a usage indicator letting you know exactly how much storage space you have left.

Leyio Details and Contents

* 1x Leyio
* 1x USB cable
* 1x Instruction leaflet
* Storage memory: Flash memory (MLC NAND) 16GB
* Freescale arm ejs 320MHz processor
* Interfaces – An external port for mass storage USB key
- An internal USB port (occupied by the satellite)- A mini USB port for connecting to computer and/or charging battery
* 3-axis accelerometer
* UWB radio module allowing 10MB/s Leyio/Leyio transfers at 3-5m
* 1.5-inch OLED screen 65k colors RGB565 128×128
* Digital fingerprint sensor for identification and interface browsing
* Vibrate function
* Satellite that acts as a 2GB USB key
* Lithium Polymer Li-Po-3.7V Battery, 900mAh, 30-day autonomy (1)
* Rechargeable using external mini USB port.

Available from Firebox costing £129.95 in the UK.

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