Levitron Revolution World Stage

Levitating-DeLoreanThe Levitron Revolution World Stage is perhaps one of the best gadgets you could buy for someone this Christmas. The system uses magnets to make objects levitate in air.

Image credit – Devrin.org

A common object to levitate is a globe, and the world stages comes supplied with a globe. But with other levitation gadgets, all you get is the globe. This particular model lets you open up the globe to take out the special magnet. The magnetic platform that floats above the main platform can take an additional 3 oz in weight allowing you to place any household object that fits in the weight criteria. The main platform is surrounded in lights and also makes the floating platform rotate allowing you to showcase whatever you want in a bit of style.

Levitron Revolution World Stage

* Float a globe or a platform (with almost anything you want on top of it) over the LED-lit, reflective base.
* Magnet platform (and thus the globe) rotates as it hovers.
* 8 Blue LED lights illuminate the floating object.
* Maximum capacity of magnetic platform: 3 oz.
* Includes: Base (stage) unit, globe with removable platform, AC adaptor, and instructions.
* Dimensions:
o Base: approx 7.25″ x 7.25″ x 1.25″
o Globe: approx 3.44″ diameter
o Platform: approx 2.25″ diameter x 0.5″ thick

An excellent Christmas gift available from ThinkGeek for $99.99.




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