Lens Adapter for Sony NEX allows Leica, Nikon and Canon to be used

Rayqual has announced that a range of adapters is launching for the Sony NEX-3 and Sony NEX-5 cameras that will allow Leica, Nikon and Canon lenses to be used on the new Sony cameras.

Lens adapters for 35mm SLRs don’t really work well as the extra thickness pushes the lens forward and prevents it from focusing at infinity (you can still shoot close up, though. In fact, macro-extension tubes exploit this focus shift to do their job). But there is a good inch of room to play with on mirrorless cameras, so the adapters work well. I use one on a Panasonic GF1 to attach Nikon lenses. You lose auto-focus, but otherwise it works great.

The adapters when launched next month will cost between $220 and $275.

Via: Wired


  1. Camwerkz Pte Ltd says

    Wow! Sure look forward for the PL mount to the Sony NEX series.

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